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Dental Implant Reviews & Testimonials

Our patients love achieving the smiles they have always dreamed of. At the Florida Dental Implant Institute, we provide a tailored solution that addresses each patient's unique dental implant needs and goals. These real-life success stories offer an insight into our state-of-the art treatments, testifying to how significantly lives can be improved with our-high quality care. Hopefully, these testimonies will give you confidence in trusting us with your new smile!

Elaine Wasn't Happy with Clearchoice, So She Came to Us

Elaine needed personalized dental care but found that the rigid style of larger corporate groups created more obstacles than solutions. She was determined to find an alternative that would fit her individual needs and timeframe. Then she found us, and the rest is history. Listen to Elaine talk about her experience with our team of implant experts.

Listen to the Experience of Medical Doctor and Patient, Dr. Leo Wilson

Dr. Leo Wilson, MD, understood the importance of choosing a reliable and trustworthy oral surgeon to take care of his dental implant needs - so he chose us! He was delighted with the result and now beams with confidence due to having strong teeth that have improved his life.

"I had my entire mouth fixed with dental implants in just one day. One I'm smiling, I'm happy, I'm more confident. My only regret - I didn't get it done sooner."

The Florida Dental Implant Institute Difference

Affordable Payment Solutions

Affordable Payment Solutions

In order to best serve our patients, our dental office offers personalized dental care to meet all your oral health needs as well as a comforting care approach to help patients feel safe, confident, and empowered.

One Office - No Referral Out

One Office - No Referral Out

We provide all planning, surgical, and in-house prosthetic phases of your treatment in a single location. This ensures your treatment is done right the first time with a streamlined, efficient process that minimizes the cost to you.

Double Board-Certified MD,DMD

Double Board-Certified MD,DMD

Dr. Eberle is not only one of the best oral surgeons in the country, but he is also a medical doctor licensed in all spectrums of sedation.

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