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Payment Options for Dental Implants

Learn what payment options fit your needs best.
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Dental Implants are an Investment in Your Health & Quality of Life

Can you really put a price on a better quality of life? If your smile is compromised because of missing teeth, you may be wondering whether you can afford tooth replacement procedures like dental implants. The good news is we offer several affordable payment options for dental implants and missing teeth. We will work with you to maximize your insurance coverage and financing options to develop a payment plan that fits your financial situation and budget. Don’t let financial issues stop you from receiving the oral healthcare your smile deserves!

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Proceed Finance

Proceed Finance offers flexible fixed loan terms with a monthly payment option for almost every budget. The application process is simple, efficient, and provides instant credit decisions. The best thing about Proceed is the length of the loan, which can be extended out to 120 months, thus keeping your payment low.

  • Simple, efficient online application process and instant credit decisions

  • Full-amount approvals for a wide range of credit quality

  • Clear, simple, and concise loan documents

  • Offers loans from $2,500 to $70,000

  • Terms up to 120 months


Cherry Finance

Get treated now and pay over time with Cherry. Cherry is a payment plan designed for your health, beauty, and wellness needs, allowing you to make convenient monthly payments. With a minimum credit score requirement of just 520, Cherry Financing opens the door to dental care for a broader audience, including those who may have lower credit scores.

  • Low minimum credit score of 520

  • For patients with excellent credit (scores of 750 or higher), Cherry Financing offers a 6-month interest-free financing option

  • 60-second approval

  • Offers loans up to $10,000

  • Terms up to 24 months

Care Credit


Care Credit

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you and your family! Once you're approved, you can use it again and again to help manage health costs not covered by insurance. They are the most popular dental financing company in the U.S., and you can also apply with a co-signer to improve the likelihood of being approved.

  • Minimum credit score of 560

  • Allows for a co-signer for loans

  • 60-second approval

  • Offers loans up to $25,000

  • Terms up to 60 months


Alphaeon Credit

Alphaeon Credit is an easy, quick, and secure way to finance your dental care. It is a simple way to pay for procedures, treatments, products, and services provided by dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons. You can pre-qualify to find out if you are likely to be approved and for how much with no impact to your credit score.

  • Prequalify without impacting your credit

  • 60-second approval

  • Offers loans up to $25,000

  • Terms up to 60 months

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Insurance Information

The Florida Dental Implant Institute is an “out of network” provider for all dental insurance companies. Our specialty procedure fees are aligned with our doctor's clinical expertise and quality of results. Our procedure fees will not be aligned with any dental insurance fee schedule.  While we are happy to file a claim on your behalf, you may opt to submit the claim yourself. Generally, insurers process claims submitted directly by patients more quickly than those filed by service providers like dental offices. Moreover, most dental insurance policies have an annual maximum limit and often cover only a small portion of dental implant procedures. As a courtesy to our patients with dental benefit plans, we will submit necessary claim forms, receipts, and other information to your insurance company, provided we have current and accurate information. The benefit paid by those plans will be sent to the patient directly for reimbursement of fees already paid to our office.

Other Payment and Fee Policies

For major treatment procedures that require more than one visit, we will require, at minimum, half of the fee to be paid during your first visit and the remaining balance before the final procedure. For your convenience, we accept cash, all major credit cards, and Cashier's checks.

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