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Tooth Extractions Offer Relief, as well as Opportunity

If you have a tooth that's infected or damaged, it can cause a lot of pain and make it hard to eat, drink, and sleep. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to remove the tooth to prevent any further damage to your gums, bones, and other teeth. Our dental surgeon has special training to safely remove teeth that can't be saved. We're happy to help patients with different health conditions, even if other dentists can't treat them. If you're experiencing tooth pain, we're here to help!

We use modern technology to make sure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible for you. We can also replace the extracted tooth with a natural-looking dental implant so you can feel confident and pain-free in no time. If you're looking for a reliable dental professional for your tooth extraction in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, come to us for a healthy, long-lasting, and functional smile.

Benefits Of Seeing An Oral Surgeon For Tooth Extractions

Benefits of Seeing an Oral Surgeon for Tooth Extractions

Trained medical doctors and staff
Full sedation options including general anesthesia
Ease in treating impacted teeth, wisdom teeth, and complex cases
Faster healing and shorter recovery times
Less pain and discomfort during and after surgery
We get it right the first time with higher success rates
Expertise in treating medically compromised patients
Precise and predictable results


Tooth Extraction Process

At our dental office in Naples, FL, we often remove teeth for patients who need dental implants or full mouth restorations. We understand that the procedure can be daunting, but we always prioritize your comfort throughout the process. When you come in for your appointment, we'll take you to a private room where we'll give you anesthesia to help you relax pain-free. You may feel some pressure while we remove your tooth, but we'll always explain everything step by step. After the procedure, you might feel uncomfortable for a few days, but we can give you medication to help. We'll also give you instructions to follow to ensure a speedy recovery and avoid any complications.

Tooth Extraction Process

After Your Tooth Extraction

After your tooth extraction, it's important to consider replacing the missing tooth with a permanent option. Dental implants are a great solution for this. They are designed to look and function like natural teeth, consisting of a post and a restoration. Together, they function similarly to a tooth root and crown. The post is inserted into the jawbone during surgery, which helps promote healthy bone growth. Once the post is fully integrated with the bone, a custom-made crown is attached to it, which looks just like your natural tooth and provides the same benefits. This process can be completed in the same visit as your tooth extraction by a specially trained dental implant specialist. With a dental implant, you'll be able to enjoy your new tooth just like your natural teeth, without even realizing you had a tooth extraction.

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