Florida Dental Implant Institute Knowledge Base

Teeth-in-a-day refers to a procedure that delivers implant-supported replacement teeth on the same day that the dental implant is placed in the patient’s mouth. This may also be the same day that the real tooth was extracted if needed.

The teeth-in-a-day process was developed at the Pi Dental Center in 1993 by Dr. Thomas Balshi and Dr. Glenn Wolfinger, though it was not trademarked until 2004. This unique process allows qualified providers to improve a patient’s smile quickly, effectively, and safely.

Before this process, patients had to live with empty sockets while their surgeries healed, which was not only uncomfortable in the interim but came with its own side effects. Bone loss as a result of missing teeth can occur just weeks after losing them, and the cosmetic difficulties in the meantime also cause discomfort. Additionally, patients had to wear removable dentures to eat and speak while healing, which comes with its own inconveniences.

Sometimes, surgery and recovery can still take longer than a day, especially if the patient has pre-existing conditions or takes medications. However, the principles of teeth-in-a-day treatments can still be used to speed up the process and encourage a faster recovery.