Trans-Sinus Implant Procedure

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Trans-Sinus Implant Procedure

The trans-sinus implant procedure is a dental surgical technique used to place dental implants in the upper jaw when there is insufficient bone height. This method involves positioning the implant so that it traverses the sinus cavity, partially embedding it within the sinus floor to achieve stability and support for the dental prosthesis.

The trans-sinus implant procedure is designed for cases where traditional dental implant placement is challenging due to a lack of adequate bone in the upper jaw, particularly in the posterior region. During this procedure, a dental implant is carefully placed through the sinus floor. This approach allows the implant to anchor securely despite limited bone height.

The trans-sinus method can sometimes serve as an alternative to a sinus lift, which involves grafting bone to increase height. By utilizing the existing sinus cavity, the trans-sinus procedure can often provide a more immediate solution for patients needing implants in the upper jaw. However, careful planning and evaluation by a skilled dental surgeon are essential to ensure the success and safety of this procedure.

Trans-sinus Implant Illustration vs Zygomatic Implant